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Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna
A mathematical unicorn from Ponyville, plus all his pony friends. I also have a mod blog at @hoofclid-mod .

To be honest the movie poster was simply to introduce the story, and it’s only AJ and Rares cos I hadn’t drawn them in a long time. Pretty happy with it though.

I, uh, may have overpinked that last panel.

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It’s my blogiversary!

A year ago- almost to the hour- I set up a blog to share some of my humour and ponies with the world. 365 days later, much to my surprise, I’m still going. I’ve met some lovely people, drawn over 1100 smiling ponies, and hopefully made a tiny bit of a difference to the world.

To celebrate, and to see how much I’ve improved over a year, this week’s comics will be redraws of some of my early comics, from before I could really draw and before I had many followers. I hope those who did see these at the time can cope with a second dose of ponies.

This comic was originally posted on the very first day of the blog. You can see the original if you like.

Thanks for a great year!

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Episode comic for“Pony Point of View”. Because nautical Applejack was too amazing not to draw.

24 notes

So I had a dream last night that involved Rarity locating and snuggling an Applejack plush. No idea why; I was just happy to have a dream which didn’t involve my teeth falling out.

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This is the first of a four-part“epic” adventure for Flutters. As epic as this blog gets anyway.

The big question is, did Rarity go in after her mane straighteners , or did the mane come for her?

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It says something about how Pinkie Pie warps your expectations that on re-reading this I thought“How is all of Pinkie’s floomphy mane fitting under that hat?” and not “How did an entire Pinkie Pie fit in there?”

5 notes

In which we learn that Pinkie Pie will laugh at even my terrible puns…

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Episode comic for“Every Little Thing She Does”. It’s true, Pinkie Pie is the best at causing problems.

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nittany-tiger asked:

e^i*(Pinkie Pie) + 1 = ?

Before anyone tells me that the“i” in that equation should mean it’s not really an exponential, I give you two options:1) Pinkie is real, and you’re trying to make her imaginary. You monster.2) Pinkie is imaginary, so multiplying by i makes her real.I win.

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Anonymous asked:

LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined

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supported by
ziggy monkey handler
ziggy monkey handler because en taro adun, suckas Favorite track: En Taro Brassadar (Protoss Three).
cakoluchiam The saxophone interlude in Fire it Up corresponding guitar solo in When I See You Again are absolutely sublime. Terran Three really shines in both. Favorite track: Terran Three (Fire it Up).
Nicolas Daoust
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Streaming + Download
Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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"LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined" is a collection of remixes from "StarCraft" and "StarCraft: Brood War." Spread across 3 unique EPs, the album explores music from the hit franchise in new and electic ways. RUSH features high-enerrgy Zerg remixes. VOID features organic and acoustic Protoss remixes. NUKE features retro, groove-oriented Terran remixes. As a whole, the album explores every genre from EDM and metal, to orchestral and choral, to funk and hip-hop, delivering a fresh perspective on the classics that you know and love. UPC 00811576030137 MCOL-0090
released May 4, 2018 "LAUNCH: StarCraft Reimagined" was made possible by the following individuals: Emmanuel Lagumbay: Album producer, Mentor (VOID) Jordan Chin: Album producer Ben Wallace: Mentor (NUKE) Daniel Aragon: Album Art Design Emily McMillan: Special Thanks Ian Martyn: Mentor (VOID) James C. Hoffman: Mastering Engineer (VOID) Joe Chen: Special Thanks Lauren Liebowitz: Special Thanks Masha Lepire: Mentor (VOID) Materia Collective: Special Thanks Matheus Manente: Mentor (RUSH) Pierre-Louis de La Soudière: Mentor (NUKE) Sean Schafianski: Mastering Engineer (NUKE) Sebastian Wolff: Overmind Stephen Froeber: Mastering Engineer (RUSH) Tiago Rodrigues: Mentor (RUSH) Catboss.: Mentor (RUSH) ©Ⓟ 2018 Materia Collective LLC StarCraft properties are © 1998 Blizzard Entertainment. Materia Collective LLC and its members are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Blizzard Entertainment with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © 2001 Blizzard Entertainment and are used with permission. Mechanical licensing facilitated by re:discover, Inc. d/b/a Loudr. For complete credits and information about this release, please visit Materia Collective:
all rights reserved



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Materia Collective Seattle, Washington

When jobs are started via trigger-parameterized-builds their statuses are reported separately to GitHub. When they are started via trigger-builds there should be only one status reported.

With all of the above info we can now look at the codec-rpm-rebuild-bdcs job.

I have opened codec-rpm #39 to validate my configuration. The chain of jobs that gets executed in Jenkins is:

Statuses are reported on GitHub as follows:

default is coming from the provisioning step and I think this is some sort of a bug or misconfiguration of the provisioning job. We don't really care about this.

On the picture you can see that codec-rpm-PR-runtest was successful but codec-rpm-rebuild-bdcs was not. The actual error when compiling bdcs is:

That is because PR #39 changes the return type of Codec.RPM.Conduit::payloadContentsC from Entry to C8.ByteString .

Thanks for reading and happy testing!

social image CC by

Using Ansible to set up a workstation

Ansible is an extremely popular open-source configuration management and software automation project . While IT professionals almost certainly use Ansible on a daily basis, its influence outside the IT industry is not as wide. Ansible is a powerful and flexible tool. It is easily applied to a task common to nearly every desktop computer user: the post-installation “checklist”.

Most users like to apply one “tweak” after a new installation. Ansible’s idempotent, declarative syntax lends itself perfectly to describing how a system should be configured.

Ansible in a nutshell

The program itself performs a single task against a set of hosts. This is roughly conceptualized as:

To perform more than one task, Ansible defines the concept of a “playbook”. A playbook is a YAML file describing the of the targeted machine. When run, Ansible inspects each host and performs only the tasks necessary to enforce the state defined in the playbook.

Run the playbook using the command:

Configuring a workstation

Start by installing ansible:

Next, create a file to store the playbook:

Start by defining the host on which to run this playbook. In this case, “localhost”:

Each task consists of a field and a module field. Ansible has a lot of Sale Inexpensive Pieces Lace Skater Skirt Women Shopping Online Outlet Sale Online Shopping Discount High Quality zVq15TDty
. Be sure to browse the module index to become familiar with all Ansible has to offer.

The package module

Most users install additional packages after a fresh install, and many like to remove some shipped software they don’t use. The module provides a generic wrapper around the system package manager (in Fedora’s case, ).

This playbook results in the following outcomes:

This playbook also introduces the become: yes directive. This specifies the task must be run by a privileged user (in most cases, ).

The DConf Module

Ansible can do a lot more than install software. For example, GNOME includes a great color-shifting feature called Night Light. It ships disabled by default, however the Ansible module can very easily enable it.

Ansible can also create files at specified locations with the module. In this example, a local file is copied to the destination path.

The Command Module

Ansible can still run commands even if no specialized module exists (via the aptly named module). This playbook enables the Flathub repository and installs a few Flatpaks. The commands are crafted in such a way that they are effectively idempotent. This is an important behavior to consider; a playbook should succeed each time it is run on a machine.

Combine all these tasks together into a single playbook and, in one command,Ansible will customize a freshly installed workstation. Not only that, but 6 months later, after making changes to the playbook, run it again to bring a “seasoned” install back to a known state.

This article only touched the surface of what’s possible with Ansible. A follow-up article will go into more advanced Ansible concepts such as configuring multiple hosts with a divided set of responsibilities.

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Fedora Women’s Day (FWD) is a day to celebrate and bring visibility to female contributors in open source projects including Fedora. The initiative is led by Fedora’s Diversity and Inclusion team . The call for proposals for event organizers is now open until Thursday, 16 August 2018!

During September, in collaboration with other members of different open source communities including Fedora, women in tech groups or hacker spaces, we plan to organize talks, workshops and meetups around the world. These events highlight and celebrate the women in open source communities like Fedora and their invaluable contributions to their projects and community. They also give a good opportunity for women to learn about free and open source software and jump-start their journey in open source as a user or a contributor.They also give a platform for women to connect, learn and be inspired by other women in open source communities and beyond.

This year yet again, we are looking forward to organizing FWD across different locations around the world. We are looking to collaborate withmembers of different open source communities including Fedora, women in tech groups or hacker spaces to organize Fedora Women’s Day!

Here are our top 5 reasons on why you should attend a Fedora Women’s Day!

Why should you organize a Fedora Women’s Day in your community?

If you are an individual,

If you are a community or a hacker space,

Steps to organize FWD event

Cannot find a FWD in your region? Organize one! It’s simple with these steps.

Identify your goals

Tell us about it

Spread the word

Spread the word before and after the event. Gather as many participants as you can for your event to maximize the impact of efforts you put in. You can also invite fellow Fedora contributors based in your area to collaborate with you.

It is important to estimate your audience in advance to plan and ask for a suitable budget.

Get your proposal accepted

Review the Diversity Inclusion Team goals for Fedora Women’s Day while planning your event. Connect with other hacker-spaces and tech communities to enhance your proposal by involving other communities. Understand the need of your audience and make a personalized proposal that fits the best. Identify any resources you might need to conduct a Fedora Women’s Day event and let us know if you need any help. We accept proposals on a rolling basis till the deadline however, we encourage early submissions to better support organizers in planning their event. (write about swag delivery etc reasons? better phrase it)

Once your proposal is accepted, work together with Diversity and Inclusion team to organize a successful event!

Diversity and Inclusion team can provide organizers with support, guidelines and resources to organize a successful event. After you are done with the event, let others have an idea of fun you had, by clicking some interesting group pictures and writing an event report.

Important dates

Note: There is flexibility on dates for organizing FWD. Thus, an event can be organized on any dates throughout September if the suggested dates are inconvenient for you. Proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis, so the earlier you send a proposal, the better the chances are of getting feedback and support early.

The post Call for Fedora Women’s Day 2018 proposals appeared first on Sale Cheapest Price New Arrival Sale Online Boohoo Double Split Palm Print Maxi Skirt ARZCFh2qrb

Curious about open source software? If you have a class or program you would like to have included in our directory, contact us at to learn about our advertising options and sponsorship packages.

The New England Air Museum’s Soar into Summer Fun programming has begun! Enjoy eight weeks of interactive activities for children, families, and aviation enthusiasts of all ages. Daily programs include climb-aboard experiences in real aircraft; hands-on Build Fly Challenges; interactive Flight Science Demonstrations; virtual flight simulators; and more. The Museum, located in Windsor Locks, CT , is open daily from 10am-5pm . Admission is $15 for ages 15+, $14 for seniors 65+ and $10 for ages 4-14. Museum members and children under 3 are admitted free; discounted admission is available for veterans and active duty military personnel. For more information about specific activities and program schedules, visit or call (860) 623-3305 .

July 6 – Aug 5

The 2018 KO FESTIVAL OF PERFORMANCE has been curated on the theme of “ RADICAL ACTS .” It’s all original work, created by the artists who come to Ko. From July 6 – Aug. 5 , you can meet a group of 60s radicals, hear a true tale of going AWOL on a shamanic trip in the Amazonian jungle, witness a call to action by a woman whose encounters with bears – both real mythic, help her discover links between her ill health the environment — and we close with a show about the courage to create. Post-show discussions follow the shows we’d like them to be intergenerational. Teens, Adults, Seniors – JOIN US! Tix for shows + our STORY SLAM WORKSHOPS are available online at Sale Marketable Boohoo Big And Tall Draw String Wool Mix Tapered Trouser Clearance Sale Best Sale Cheap Price TTRIfAR
at the Box Office 413-542-3750. Special prices for SNAP/EBT cardholders.

2018 KO FESTIVAL OF PERFORMANCE RADICAL ACTS July 6 – Aug. 5 Post-show discussions follow the shows we’d like them to be intergenerational. Teens, Adults, Seniors – JOIN US! STORY SLAM WORKSHOPS

July 7, 8, 11

PaintBox Theatre —the Valley’s theatre of imagination and improvisation— presents Tarzan ! Renowned researcher Jane—assisted by an audience of scientists—is searching for the mysterious, elusive Tarzan. Is he really the king of the jungle? Not even close. Tarzan is a friend of all the wild beast youngsters, teaching the little ones how to swim, climb, and avoid danger. When Tarzan wants to brag, shout, and fly through the jungle, the older ones just play along. Shows are Sat. Sun. July 7 8, 10:30am 1pm at Easthampton’s Williston Theatre and Wed. July 11, 10:30am at the Easthampton Band Shell. Tickets: $10 at the door or at BrownPaperTickets. Season Tickets: $24. Group discounts (12+): $7. , Discount From China Wven Womens Elsa Relaxed Jeans Fast Delivery Best Prices Clearance Shop sd8Jjpjc

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